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The best features on my $240,000 McLaren GT loaner car included show-stopping doors and a burgundy interior

  • The McLaren GT is the British automaker's idea of a comfortable, long-distance car.
  • It has a luxurious but alien-looking interior, with interesting shapes and textures.
  • Base price of the GT is $215,500, but after options, my loaner came out to $237,930.
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With a $215,500 base MSRP, the McLaren GT is priced well into supercar territory. But you do get a lot of cool stuff for the money, including rocket-like performance, an alien-looking interior, a lightweight carbon-fiber tub for a chassis, and the GT's claim to fame: practical grand touring. 

In English, "practical grand touring" means it's supposed to be comfortable enough for a long drive and spacious enough for a Costco trip. (Do McLaren owners go to Costco? Anyway.)

My GT loaner, once optioned out, came to $237,930. That meant that it had about $22,000 in add-ons, which included an electrochromic roof, the MSO Bright Pack exterior package, and Viridian exterior paint. But it wasn't just the options that made it special.

Both inside and out, the GT looked and felt unique. Keep scrolling to see its most standout features. 

The 2020 McLaren GT is the British automaker's idea of a "grand touring" car: Comfortable on long journeys with ample luggage space.

It has two trunks. One in the front, for smaller bags.

And one in the back, for bigger items.

Like golf clubs, if you're into that.

The GT uses a version of McLaren's MonoCell carbon-fiber tub as a chassis, but it's been modified for extra luggage room.

The interior is truly wild-looking.

My loaner had this very pretty burgundy-colored leather.

It looked like a spaceship in there.

There was also this leather sill panel I had to be careful not to scratch.

The car also comes with a Bowers & Wilkins audio system.

Some of my favorite features were the transmission paddles.

They felt like they were made from one single piece of solid metal.

There was also an electrochromic roof for $6,000 — basically, a glass roof that can change its opacity to let in different amounts of light.

The polished brake calipers had a black logo on them — a $1,500 option.

And the $5,500 MSO Bright Pack included a polished titanium exhaust finisher.

As well as a bright strip of chrome running along the top of the window.

The GT had 15-spoke forged wheels — 20-inch ones in the front and 21-inch ones in the rear.

And for $500, McLaren even threw in a luggage retention strap.

The exterior paint color was called Viridian — a $4,500 option.

And of course, the GT had the dihedral, upward-swinging doors that catch the attention of everyone around you when they open.

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