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Jake Tapper deletes tweet boasting how CNN journalists 'survived' the 2020 election

Media coverage of the 2020 presidential election results

Gutfeld highlights America’s week in review.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper appeared to have made a regretful tweet about how he and his colleagues "survived" the 2020 presidential election. 

Esquire Magazine published a piece on Monday with the headline "The Oral History of CNN's Election Week," which documented the struggles of a sleepless staff working around the clock as election results were underway — like virtually every media organization.

"Tuesday night was devastating. The polling had been suggesting that there would be just a wipe out of Trump. And the fact that it wasn't a wipe out was crushing," CNN commentator Van Jones told the magazine after he shed tears of joy when his network projected Joe Biden as the president-elect. 

"I went home Wednesday thinking that there was a chance that Donald Trump was going to be reelected," Tapper said. "When I woke up and I looked at the numbers, I was like, oh, no, probably more like a 25 percent chance [Trump will win]; he probably won't."


Several of CNN's on-air talent expressed how much they relied on coffee. 

"I was hoping somebody would go to Starbucks. We do have an excellent coffee machine that makes Starbucks black coffee, and you put some milk in it with one Splenda, and it may not be a Venti Skim Latte, but it's very good," CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer said. 

Tapper shared the article on Twitter, adding his own headline: "An Oral History of How CNN Journalists Survived Election 2020."

The tweet and the article were panned by critics. 

"Ah yes, out of the trillions of CNN journalists who perished and died covering the 2020 American election, a few, miraculously survived an ordeal that presented literally zero risk to their lives and their health," Daily Wire contributing editor Harry Khachatrian joked. 

"It was just like Normandy," conservative commentator Jeremy Frankel reacted. 

"Stunning and Brave. Thank you for your service!" journalist Jordan Schachtel exclaimed.

Is this oral history of CNN hosts having to drink lots of coffee and sleep a little less from Esquire or The Onion?" Fourth Watch media critic and former CNN producer Steve Krakauer asked. 

Tapper acknowledged that Ben Shapiro's assessment that "air-conditioned offices with a really nice catered spread and a full-time support staff" was how CNN survived the election was "accurate."


"It's a silly headline but as you may know I try not to change headlines esp from other pubs," Tapper told Shapiro. 

Well, hours later, the CNN anchor deleted the tweet only to re-post the Esquire article with its original headline. 

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