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Photos show thousands joining the Women's March in DC to protest Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination

  • Thousands of demonstrators gathered for the Women's March in Washington, D.C., Saturday in protest of Judge Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court. 
  • Protesters, many of whom carried signs and wore costumes, said they also hoped to galvanize Americans to vote President Donald Trump out of office in a few weeks.
  • Organizers projected that more than 116,000 people would attend one of the at least 429 demonstrations happening across the country on Saturday. 
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Thousands of demonstrators gathered for the Women's March in Washington, D.C., Saturday in protest of Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court. 

Protesters, many of whom carried signs and wore costumes, also hoped to galvanize Americans to vote President Donald Trump out of office in a few weeks.

Speaking to various news outlets, organizers projected that over 116,000 people would attend one of the at least 429 demonstrations happening across the country on Saturday. 

Nearly four years ago, the Women's March drew record numbers in attendance. Millions of people came out in protest of Trump's presidency in January 2017. 

Driven this time by the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, organizers hoped the rallies would spur change ahead of the upcoming presidential election. 

The Senate Judiciary Committee, after multiple days of hearings, scheduled a vote on Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court for October 22. The hearings were contentious and split between Republicans praising her judicial philosophy and Democrats questioning where Barrett stood on stronghold decisions like Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act. 

Democrats also argued that the Senate is moving too quickly in the Supreme Court nomination process, urging instead for Congress to bench the decision until after the upcoming presidential election. 

But Republicans have plowed ahead, with Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's full blessing. The decision was met with intense backlash from Americans who felt the next justice should be determined by the presidential candidate who wins in the November election. 

His full-fledged support to move forward prompted a wave of demonstrators mobilizing across the country. Nearly 1.5 million people signed a petition demanding that lawmakers delay the process until after the 2021 presidential inauguration. Protesters also rallied outside Sen. Mitch McConnell's Kentucky home.

The Saturday protests nationwide acted as an extension of this mobilization effort. Here's what they looked like:

Demonstrators donned 'Handmaid's Tale' costumes, referring to their belief that Barrett's confirmation to the Supreme Court will limit women's rights.

Many protesters came dressed in "Handmaid's Tale" costumes, modeled after the subjugated women in Margaret Atwood's novel and Hulu series of the same name. The handmaid characters in the fictional works were frequently raped and forced to bear children for infertile couples.

Demonstrators have been dressing up as the characters in recent years to protest against acts of oppression against women.

Democrats, for example, remain skeptical that Barrett, if nominated, would seek to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court case granting Americans the right to an abortion.

Barrett in 2006 signed off on a two-page print ad that called for Roe v. Wade to be overturned. The ad referred to the landmark decision as "barbaric" and called it a "raw exercise of judicial power." 


Thousands of protesters came out rallying for women's rights, wearing masks to limit the spread of the coronavirus and carrying signs in support of equality.

"Men of quality don't fear equality," one sign reads. 

"Don't tread on me," another sign reads, accompanied by a picture of a hissing rattlesnake in the shape of a uterus. 

Ginsburg proved to be a huge motivator for the march attendees, who carried signs featuring her picture and signature accessories in her honor.

After the announcement of Ginsburg's death last month, women all over the world began mourning. The late Supreme Court justice, who died at 87 of complications from pancreatic cancer, became known as a feminist icon.

Ginsburg's legal career was marked by a series of arguments advancing women's rights and gender equality, and she served as the inspiration behind several books, movies, and dolls.

Barrett, if nominated to the bench, would replace Ginsburg. 

Other protesters sought to sent a sharper message to Trump.

A demonstrator showed up donning accessories appearing to resemble Trump. The demonstrator's outfit seems to portray a person who's been incarcerated, suggesting the demonstrator either believes that the president should or will be in jail. 

One protester carried a sign that called for Americans to vote and for lawmakers to hold off on selecting a Supreme Court justice to replace Ginsburg.

Ginsburg's dying wish, made just days before she passed, was that she not be replaced until a president takes office. 

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was among those who echoed her sentiment.

"The voters should pick the president, and the president should pick the justice for the Senate to consider," he said last month.

Children also took part in the march, with some dressed up as and paying homage to the late Ginsburg and Rep. John Lewis.

Lewis died in July after a months-long battle with pancreatic cancer. One of the chief leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, Lewis is regarded as a US civil rights hero.

Former President Barack Obama and other prominent lawmakers expressed his condolences after Lewis' death. 

"He loved this country so much that he risked his life and his blood so that it might live up to its promise," Obama said. "And through the decades, he not only gave all of himself to the cause of freedom and justice, but inspired generations that followed to try to live up to his example."

While women's marches were happening nationwide, counterprotesters rallied behind Barrett and made clear their support for her.

 The counterprotests, called the "I'm With Her" rallies, were organized by the Independent Women's Forum, a conservative nonprofit group. 

"Does the so-called Women's March speak for YOU?" an invite for the rally asks. "If the answer is NO, join us as we champion women, not tear them down."

The Women's March unfolded while the nation continues to grapple with racism, with demonstrators protesting police brutality and calling for police reform.

The Women's March represents just one social movement that remains ongoing in the United States. 

Protests against police brutality kicked off in May after the death of George Floyd, a Minneapolis man killed by police. Demonstrators continued protesting through the summer after reports of several incidents of police brutality targeted toward Black people. 

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JavaScript, Python, and Java salaries revealed: Here's how much companies like IBM, Costco, and Nike pay developers specializing in the top three programming languages

  • JavaScript, Python, and Java are he top three programming languages, according to GitHub.
  • Using federal disclosure data, Business Insider dug into how much companies from various industries pay developers that focus on one of those languages, based on job titles.
  • Several firms offered salaries of nearly $200,000 for roles in these areas. 
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As every company becomes a technology company — with needs like modernizing its app or adopting cloud computing —  there's high demand for developers specializing in the top three programming languages: JavaScript, Python, and Java.

Developers use JavaScript largely for web development, Python for data analytics and artificial intelligence, and Java for web applications and database-driven software. Beyond traditional tech firms like IBM or ServiceNow, banks like JPMorgan Chase, telecommunications companies like Comcast, and retailers like Nike, Costco and CVS Pharmacy are all looking for developers specializing in those specific languages, too. 

Python, especially, has seen a surge, as it's one of the fastest growing programming languages according to GitHub and one of the most loved, according to the developer Q&A site Stack Overflow. For the first time ever, Python even surpassed Java in popularity last year.

To get a sense of what companies may pay for roles using these programming skills, Business Insider dug through firms' disclosure data with the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification. Companies are required to disclose salary (or in some cases, salary ranges) when they hire foreign workers under the H1-B visa program, giving insight into what major companies are willing to shell out for tech talent.

Business Insider looked for positions with "JavaScript," "Python," or "Java" in the title. Although this isn't a comprehensive look, since it only includes data for foreign workers, it gives a rare peek at the salaries that companies pay US-based engineers and developers specializing in JavaScript, Python, and Java:

JavaScript knowledge is a must for web developers.

JavaScript is the most popular programming language, according to GitHub, but there weren't many job titles with "JavaScript" specifically in in the name. Still, most web developer positions will use JavaScript. 

Here are some recent hires with "JavaScript" in the title, based on 14 approved visa applications, as well as how much they're paid:

JavaScript Developer at Bitovi in Illinois: $104,000

JavaScript Software Engineer at BigCommerce in Texas: $97,500-$105,000

Senior JavaScript Developer at CBS Interactive in California: $145,000

Java and JavaScript Developer at Codeworks in Wisconsin: $90,240

Javascript Full Stack Engineer at Even Financial in New York: $120,000 

JavaScript Developer at GRT Corporation in New Jersey: $95,000

JavaScript Software Developer at Interactive Network Technologies in Texas: $91,104-$95,000

JavaScript Engineer at Nexmo in California: $119,122-$130,000

JavaScript Web Developer at SP Tech Resources in Virginia: $96,595

JavaScript Developer at Starfish Technologies in Texas: $97,985

JavaScript/UI Engineer at TIBCO Software in Texas: $108,666 

JavaScript Software Engineer at World Wide Technology in Missouri: $84,000-$100,000

Java developers at Charles Schwab can make $140,000.

Charles Schwab offers brokerage, banking, and financial services. Here are some recent Charles Schwab hires based on 2 approved visa applications and how much they're paid:

Staff Java Developer in Texas: $105,000

Senior Staff Java Developer in Colorado: $123,219-$140,000

Java developers at Charter Communications can make $178,600.

Charter Communications is a telecommunications and mass media company. Here are some recent Charter Communications hires based on seven approved visa applications and how much they're paid:

Java Developer in Missouri: $83,346-$127,700

Java Backend Developer in Ohio: $98,000-$108,000

Principal Java Developer 1 in Missouri: $116,106-$178,600

Senior Java Developer: $116,106-$139,500

Java developers at Comcast can make $120,000.

Comcast is one of the world's largest telecommunications, broadcasting, and cable television companies. Here are some recent Comcast hires based on three approved visa applications and how much they're paid:

Java Developer in Colorado: $71,677-$92,000

Java Developer in District of Columbia: $75,712-$120,000

Microservices Java Developer in Pennsylvania: $87,485-$115,000

Java developers at Costco can make $125,000.

Costco is a wholesale retailer that sells groceries, electronics, health supplies, and more. Here are some recent Costco hires based on four approved visa applications and how much they're paid:

Software Developer (Java Application Server Administrator) in Washington: $117,000

Java Application Developer – eCommerce in Washington: $115,000-$125,000

Java developers at CVS can make $130,000.

CVS Pharmacy is a retailer and pharmacy company that sells health essentials, everyday goods, snacks, and more. Here are some recent CVS hires based on three approved visa applications and how much they're paid:

Senior Developer (Pharmacy Apps – Java Background) in Rhode Island: $113,000

Tech Lead Development (Pharmacy Apps – Java Background) in Rhode Island: $118,000

Enterprise Java Developer in Arizona: $130,000


Java Developers at Delta can make $110,000.

Based in Atlanta, Delta Airlines is one of the US's major airlines. Here are some recent Delta hires based on three approved visa applications and how much they're paid:

Java Developer in Georgia: $105,000

Developer Java API in Georgia: $110,000

(In some instances, companies had multiple approved visas for the same title and salary information — in these cases we've only listed the salary and title once.)

Java developers at Dun & Bradstreet can make $185,000.

Dun & Bradstreet provides enterprise data analytics, and it's based in New Jersey. Here are some recent Dun & Bradstreet hires based on three approved visa applications and how much they're paid:

Full Stack Java Developer in New Jersey: $185,000

Core Java Developer in New Jersey: $142,500

Java developers at Express Scripts can make $103,000.

Express Scripts helps people manage their prescriptions online. Here are some recent Express Scripts hires based on two approved visa applications and how much they're paid:

Full Stack Java Software Development Engineer in Florida: $82,000-$92,000

Java Development Engineer in Minnesota: $102,000-$103,000

Java developers at Fitch Ratings can make $122,700.

Fitch Ratings is a credit rating firm, and it also provides analysis for financial markets. Here are some recent Fitch Ratings hires based on two approved visa applications and how much they're paid:

Senior Java Developer in Illinois: $113,630

Java Technical Lead in Illinois: $122,700

Java developers at Fortinet can make $170,000.

Fortinet is a cybersecurity company that sells products like anti-virus software, firewalls, and more. Here are some recent Fortinet hires based on three approved visa applications and how much they're paid:

Java Developer in California: $110,000-$139,500

Principal Java Developer in California: $155,000-$170,000


GE Healthcare hires engineers that specialize in Python and Java.

GE Healthcare provides data analytics and other digital tools for diagnosing, treating, and monitoring patients. Here are some recent GE Healthcare hires based on three approved visa applications and how much they're paid:

Senior Software Engineer (Python) in California: $130,000-$140,000

Software Engineer (Python) in California: $105,000-$115,000

Senior Software Engineer (Java) in Illinois: $115,000-$125,000

Java engineers at Glassdoor can make $192,000.

Glassdoor is a website where current and former employees can anonymously rate companies they've worked at. Here are some recent Glassdoor hires based on two approved visa applications and how much they're paid:

Lead Java Engineer, Brand Ads in California: $190,000

Senior Java Engineer, Security in California: $168,958-$192,000

Java developers at Globant can make over $111,000.

Globant is an IT and software company. Here are some recent Globant hires based on four approved visa applications and how much they're paid:

Java Developer in Florida: $104,004-$106,901

Java Developer in Texas: $111,997



Java engineers at Gogo can make over $148,000.

Gogo provides Internet and connectivity services on flights. Here are some recent Gogo hires based on two approved visa applications and how much they're paid:

Lead Java Software Engineer in Illinois: $148,526

Senior Java Developer in Colorado: $114,780

Java engineers at IBM can make more than $129,000.

IBM uses Java for building many of its cloud applications. Here are some recent IBM hires based on five approved visa applications and how much they're paid:

Java Application Developer in Kansas: $85,968-$105,828

Java Full Stack Developer in Florida: $92,123-$119,799

Java Full Stack Developer in New Jersey: $72,530-$105,000

Java Application Developer in Texas: $72,509-$96,096

Senior Java Full Stack Application Developer in Washington: $129,293


Java and Python engineers at JPMorgan Chase can make over $150,000.

JPMorgan Chase is a bank and a financial services company based in New York. Here are some recent JPMorgan Chase hires based on 10 approved visa applications and how much they're paid.

Associate Infrastructure Python Developer in Ohio: $85,000

Senior Python Engineer in New Jersey: $155,000

Associate Java Application Developer in Delaware: $86,000

Full Stack Java Software Engineer in Ohio: $93,000

Java Developer in Ohio: $95,000

Full Stack Java Software Engineer in Illinois: $118,000-$120,000

Java Software Engineer in Illinois: $120,000

Associate Java Software Engineer in New York: $140,000

VP – Software Engineer Java Full Stack in California: $190,000

Java developers at Leidos can make $189,000.

Leidos provides research, systems integration, and technical services for the defense, aviation, information technology, and biomedical fields. Here are some recent Leidos hires based on nine approved visa applications and how much they're paid.

Junior Java Developer in Maryland: $75,712-$115,000

Java Angular Developer in Maryland: $90,000-$115,000

Mid-Level Java Developer in Maryland: $100,000-$130,000

Java Developer in Maryland: $118,000-$160,000

Lead Java Developer in Maryland: $138,341-$189,000

Java developers at Nike can make upwards of $120,000.

Nike is a retailer that sells footwear, sportswear, and sports equipment. Here are some recent Nike hires based on three approved visa applications and how much they're paid.

Lead SAP Netweaver – Java Engineer in Oregon: $118,121

Senior Java Engineer, NIKE Digital in Oregon: $120,000

Senior Java Application Engineer in Oregon: $122,415

Java developers at OneTrust can make $137,000.

OneTrust builds software that helps company with data privacy compliance. Here are some recent Nike hires based on eight approved visa applications and how much they're paid.

Java Developer in Georgia: $75,000-$125,000

Java Developer Lead in Georgia: $137,000



RBC Capital Markets has developers that specialize in Python or Java.

RBC Capital Markets is a bank that provides services in capital markets, banking, and finance. Here are some recent RBC hires based on two approved visa applications and how much they're paid.

Python Full Stack Developer in New Jersey: $130,000

Senior Java Developer in New York: $172,640

Java engineers at ServiceNow can make over $129,000.

ServiceNow builds software that helps companies manage their operations in IT, serving customers, and more. Here are some recent ServiceNow hires based on two approved visa applications and how much they're paid.

Software Engineer, Core Java and Security in California: $115,115

Senior Software Engineer, Core Java and Security in California: $129,199


Java developers at State Street Bank and Trust Company can make $175,000.

State Street Bank and Trust Company is a community bank based in Boston. Here are some recent State Street Bank hires based on five approved visa applications and how much they're paid.

Java Developer in Massachusetts: $110,240-$175,000

Senior Java Developer in Massachusetts: $128,627-$175,000

Senior Java Developer – Business Process Management in Massachusetts: $128,627-$175,000

Sherwin-Williams Java developers could make upwards of $110,000.

Sherwin-Williams sells products for painting, staining, and coating, as well as other household and repair supplies. Here are some recent Sherwin-Williams hires based on four approved visa applications and how much they're paid.

Senior Java Web Developer in Ohio: $81,037-$110,040

Senior Java Developer in Ohio: $81,037-$90,001

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This Boeing 727 lets passengers experience zero gravity by flying crazy maneuvers, and it's now on tour across the US

  • "G-FORCE ONE" is the name of a converted Boeing 727 that offers customers the chance to float like astronauts in a zero-gravity environment. 
  • Zero Gravity Corporation is sending the flight across the country for flyers to experience weightlessness for a few minutes, though the price tag is quite high.
  • Extra precautions are being taken during the pandemic including requiring face masks, disinfecting the airplane before each flight, and limiting flight loads.
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You are now free to float about the cabin.

The realm of zero gravity has historically been reserved for astronauts as they explore the depths of space but one aviation company is offering the opportunity to become weightless while very much still in Earth's atmosphere.  The Zero Gravity Corporation, or ZERO-G, is the company behind "G-FORCE ONE," a converted Boeing 727 airliner that can simulate the feeling of being in space through what's known as parabolic flight.

While a traditional airliner might be focused on being straight and level, G-Force One pilots are focused on climbing as fast and high as possible before turning over, at which point the effect of gravity is reduced for a few seconds and everything on the plane becomes weightless.

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn't stopped these flights, though additional precautions are being taken. ZERO-G recently came to the New York City region where it partners with Blade to offer a helicopter flight and the weightless experience all in one morning.

Take a look inside G-Force One and see how ZERO-G achieves the weightless effect that so many people crave, even during a pandemic. 

Participants in the experience during our visit began their day early at New York City's West 30th Street Heliport near Hudson Yards.

As part of ZERO-G's partnership with Blade for New York area flights, a special rate of $4,750 was offered for the experience and for an extra $390, helicopter transportation to and from Newark Liberty International Airport.

Flyers arrived here as early as 8 a.m to get suited up and have a quick pre-flight breakfast.

Contrary to popular belief, eating the right food before the flight actually helps with the experience and won't ensure vomiting, as is the main concern. It's not the "Vomit Comet" that people expect and very few people get sick on each flight, the staff told me.

But it can't be just any meal. ZERO-G's conclusion after thousands of flight hours shows that high-carb foods, in particular, are ideal for flyers.

That's why the menu this morning consisted of croissants…

And bagels.

Before heading over to Newark, all participants suited up in their one-piece jumpsuits, similar to what a fighter pilot would wear, as well as long socks.

The newest feature of the uniform is the ZERO-G-branded face mask, required for all flyers as part of the company's COVID-19 precautions that allows them to keep flying and offering the experience during the pandemic.

All passengers also need to get their temperature and blood oxygen levels checked prior to departure via a thermometer and oximeter.

Here's the first glimpse they get at the plane they'll be flying on, a Boeing 727-200 cargo plane specially configured for these flights via this safety card. It's arguably the most exclusive safety card in aviation.

Just like an airliner, the onboard crew explains before departure what to do in case of an emergency and how to evacuate.

It's the calm before the flight as participants, who often come in pairs or groups, await the once in a lifetime experience.

Just before the chopper flight to Newark, ZERO-G staff gave a short briefing that included how best to interact with the company's in-flight photographer, Steve. Flying in zero gravity is an Instagrammable experience if ever one existed so Steve helps get those photos while the flyers enjoy being weightless without worrying about getting the perfect selfie.

As Steve was giving his photo tips, the first Blade helicopter appeared outside the lounge windows to pick up the first batch of flyers.

The 5-minute Blade flight between Manhattan and Newark normally costs at least $1,575 one way for a private charter but as normal retail for the flight is $6,700, these participants still around $1,500 on the entire experience thanks to the ZERO-G/Blade partnership.

The helicopter flight also included a quick fly-by of the Statue of Liberty as they crossed the Hudson River and New York Harbor to the New Jersey side.

Though some did go by land instead of air.

And with little traffic on the ground or in the skies, they'd arrive at their chariot just a few minutes later.

Affectionately known as G-FORCE ONE, it's one of the few remaining Boeing 727s still flying passengers – if that's what you can call them – in the US.

The Boeing 727 has a long history of flying in the US but newer aircraft have made it largely obsolete for passenger flying, especially as its three-engines drive up fuel consumption.

In the US, the Boeing 727 could once be found flying for the likes of United Airlines…

Trans World Airlines…

And Delta Air Lines, among others.

Donald Trump even used the Boeing 727 for his airline, Trump Shuttle, and as his private jet before upgrading to a Boeing 757.

The aircraft can now be found flying cargo, mostly.

G-FORCE ONE is a former cargo freighter itself; hence why there are no windows along the cabin wall.

The status the aircraft enjoys among aviation enthusiasts has been a big boost to the ZERO-G program, with some participants simply wanting to fly on a Boeing 727 and getting the weightless experience as a bonus.

Powering the aircraft are three Pratt & Whitney JT8D engines located at the rear of the fuselage, giving the 727 its iconic look.

And much like the uniforms of this weekend's participants, the aircraft is adorned with Blade decals as it performs flights in the New York area.

The plane dates back to 1976 but the sleek blue, white, and black paint job keeps the secret quite well.

After being shuttled by helicopter to the plane and watching a mandatory pre-flight demonstration video, participants boarded through the rear airstairs, a unique feature of the 727.

A small passenger cabin occupies the rear of the aircraft where flyers will sit for take-off and landing. ZERO-G is capping its loads at 70% with a maximum passenger limit of 24 flyers, down from 34.

It's just like any other you'd find on an airliner, although these cloth seats are more indicative of an earlier 2000s airliner more so than a current one.

There's no seat-back screens or in-flight WiFi as the entertainment will come in a more interactive fashion once the plane gets airborne.

The Boeing 727 is an ex-cargo freighter so some of the luxuries found on an airliner are long gone. The cabin crew, for example, hook up a headset here to talk directly to the pilots upfront.

Emergency oxygen masks also come from below, with containers like this one spread across the cabin walls.

The plane is windowless except for the emergency exits. It's for the best as watching a plane angle up and down as steep as this one does can be slightly disconcerting to the casual observer.

Once the pilots are ready to perform the parabolas, passengers move from their seats to the forward cabin where they'll lie flat and endure a 26,000-foot-per-minute ascent to upwards of 30,000 feet.

Here's the main cabin where passengers will go weightless. The padded walls for safety resemble what science fiction has taught me a space ship might look like.

As the aircraft reaches its cruising altitude of around 19,000, all flyers will head here and lie flat on the floor so their internal equilibriums can adjust to the new orientation during the parabolas.

Pilots then bring the plane from 19,000 feet to 35,000 feet in a matter of seconds. Pulling 1.8 Gs, that's almost double their body weight pushing down on them as they climb.

When the plane turns over, gravity is gone. Each parabola lasts around 2 minutes and the weightless experience, surprisingly, only lasts around 30 seconds.

But staff say that it's long enough to do a lap around the plane. If the headwinds are strong enough, that can extend the duration by a few seconds.

A total of 15 parabolas are performed – the perfect number, as ZERO-G found after numerous trial and error flights. Parabolas come one right after the other and each with varying degrees of weightlessness.

The pinnacle is zero gravity where passengers are truly weightless.

Other experiences include simulating lunar gravity and martian gravity.

Props like candy and water bottles are also employed so passengers can get a true astronaut experience.

It's a time to do anything that gravity would normally prevent. The most common maneuvers include mid-air spins, push-ups, flips, hand-stands, and even break dancing.

It's all to get a small glimpse of what it's like to be an astronaut.

Strong seatbelts help keep pilots grounded and able to fly the plane while performing the intense maneuvers that push the plane to its limits.

And while special instruments tell them what the gravity conditions are like, the most accurate is a rubber duck strategically placed over the main panel. Gravity affects the duck, too, and it reacts faster than their instruments.

The flight departed from Newark at around 11 a.m. and headed to the Atlantic Ocean to perform the maneuvers. Its flight path appears normal but the green line doesn't show the rapid ascents and descents that the aircraft is doing nearly the entire way after take-off and before landing.

It's just under two hours from take-off to touchdown back in Newark where passengers "snap back to reality" and experience gravity again in all of its glory on Earth's surface.

After the flight, ZERO-G disinfects the entire plane before the next launch.

Passengers exit back via the rear air stairs.

But the flight isn't over as it's time for a final ritual before they're helicoptered back to Manhattan.

Passengers are given their name tags upside down and wear them that way during the whole flight. It's only once they land that they have them turned right side up by the crew.

The flight can also be a family experience, as the age requirement is only eight.

ZERO-G plane will continue flying across the country for more of these flights, even during the pandemic, and return to New York in May 2021.

Get the latest Boeing stock price here.

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These are the top non-technical skills you need to succeed in the best jobs of the future

  • Business Insider recently found the best jobs of the future. 
  • These jobs are not only high-paying but are expected to grow over the next decade.
  • Some of the jobs on our list were manager positions, where it is important to have certain non-technical skills to be a successful leader, such as being a good communicator and listener.
  • Active listening made the top of our list of skills most commonly needed for these high-paying, fast-growing jobs. 
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If you are looking to land a job in a high-paying field poised for strong job growth over the next decade, you may want to make sure you have these non-technical skills. 

No matter the job you are applying for, it is important to have non-technical skills for success in your career. According to Indeed, soft skills are important for collaboration and problem solving. Per LinkedIn, creativity, persuasion, adaptability are among the top five most important soft skills that employers are looking for in potential candidates. 

To find the most valuable soft skills for the top 30 future jobs, we averaged the scores for each how important skills are for these jobs from the Department of Labor's Occupational Information Network (O*NET) database, where each skill is given an importance score from 0 to 5. We excluded the "project management, all others" and "physicians, all other; and ophthalmologists, except pediatric" occupation groups from our list because O*NET doesn't have skills listed for these broader occupations.

For registered nurses, we used the main overarching job title, although O*NET does provide skill data for more specialized types of registered nurses like critical care nurses. Additionally, some of the occupations on our ranking have more than one specific job title on O*NET. Overall, we looked at 33 specific occupations within those 28 top future jobs, excluding the two broader occupations. 

Many of the jobs that we found that are high-paying and expected to grow are in management. Business Insider previously reported on the soft skills leaders need to be effective communicators and perform well in their jobs, according to ResourcefulManager, including being good negotiators and communicators. Forbes Coaches Council also found curiosity, active listening, and resilience as important soft skills to have. 

Because some of the other top future jobs are in health care or are various specialists in computer support or in human resources, active listening and critical thinking made the top of the list.

The following are the best soft skills to have in these high-paying jobs with bright futures. It is important to note employment projections are based on data from before the pandemic. BLS is unsure how coronavirus will affect projections as of now, so the best future jobs may change as a result of the pandemic. 

We also included each skill's definition as listed on O*NET and the average annual salaries for the three jobs with the highest score in each skill. In the case of a tied score, we ranked the jobs with the highest average salaries as of May 2019, the most recent data available.

14. Systems analysis

According to O*NET, this systems skill is defined as determining how a system should work and how changes in conditions, operations, and the environment will affect outcomes.

Average O*NET score from the best future jobs: 3.19

The jobs with the highest scores for this skill:

1. Management analysts – $85,260

2. Application software developers – $107,510

3. Computer systems analysts – $90,920

13. Service orientation

According to O*NET, this social skill is defined as actively looking for ways to help people.

Average O*NET score from the best future jobs: 3.22

The jobs with the highest scores for this skill:

1. Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses – $47,480

2. Mental health counselors – $46,240

3. Physician assistants – $112,260

12. Time management

According to O*NET, this resource management skill is defined as managing one's own time and the time of others.

Average O*NET score from the best future jobs: 3.30

The jobs with the highest scores for this skill:

1. Medical and health services managers – $100,980

2. Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses – $47,480

3. Lawyers – $122,960

11. Coordination

According to O*NET, this social skill is defined as adjusting actions in relation to others' actions.

Average O*NET score from the best future jobs: 3.35

The jobs with the highest scores for this skill:

1. Medical and health services managers – $100,980

2. General and operations managers – $100,780

3. Construction managers – $95,260

10. Active learning

According to O*NET, this basic skill is defined as understanding the implications of new information for both current and future problem-solving and decision-making.

Average O*NET score from the best future jobs: 3.45

The jobs with the highest scores for this skill:

1. Nurse practitioners – $109,820

2. Postsecondary health specialties teachers – $97,320

3. Marketing managers – $136,850

9. Social perceptiveness

According to O*NET, this social skill is defined as being aware of others' reactions and understanding why they react as they do.

Average O*NET score from the best future jobs: 3.49

The jobs with the highest scores for this skill:

1. Mental health counselors – $46,240

2. Nurse practitioners – $109,820

3. Registered nurses – $73,300 

8. Monitoring

According to O*NET, this basic skill is defined as assessing performance of yourself, other individuals, or organizations to make improvements or take corrective action.

Average O*NET score from the best future jobs: 3.55

The jobs with the highest scores for this skill:

1. Financial managers, branch or department – $129,890

2. General and operations managers – $100,780

3. Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses – $47,480

7. Complex problem solving

According to O*NET, this complex problem solving skill is defined as identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.

Average O*NET score from the best future jobs: 3.56

The jobs with the highest scores for this skill:

1. Treasurers and controllers (under financial managers) – $129,890

2. Lawyers – $122,960

3. Nurse practitioners – $109,820

6. Writing

According to O*NET, this basic skill is defined as communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience.

Average O*NET score from the best future jobs: 3.60

The jobs with the highest scores for this skill:

1. Lawyers – $122,960

2. Medical and health services managers – $100,980

3. Postsecondary health specialties teachers – $97,320

5. Judgment and decision making

According to O*NET, this system skill is defined as considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one.

Average O*NET score from the best future jobs: 3.64

The jobs with the highest scores for this skill:

1. Treasurers and controllers (under financial managers) – $129,890

2. Lawyers – $122,960

3. Nurse Practitioners – $109,820 

3 (tie). Speaking

According to O*NET, this speaking skill is defined as talking to others to convey information effectively.

Average O*NET score from the best future jobs: 3.89

The jobs with the highest scores for this skill:

1. Lawyers – $122,960

2. Medical and health services managers – $100,980

3. Elementary school teachers – $59,670

3 (tie). Reading comprehension

According to O*NET, this basic skill is defined as understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents.

Average O*NET score from the best future jobs: 3.89

The jobs with the highest scores for this skill:

1. Lawyers – $122,960

2. Treasurers and controllers (under financial managers) – $129,890

3. Physician assistants – $112,260

2. Critical thinking

According to O*NET, this basic skill is defined as using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.

Average O*NET score from the best future jobs: 3.92

The jobs with the highest scores for this skill:

1.  Lawyers – $122,960 

2. Computer and information systems managers- $146,360

3. Treasurers and controllers (under financial managers) – $129,890

1. Active listening

According to O*NET, this basic skill is defined as giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times.

Average O*NET score from the best future jobs: 3.94

The jobs with the highest scores for this skill:

1. Mental health counselors – $46,240

2. Lawyers – $122,960

3. Physician assistants – $112,260

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10 books to read to finally start making real money from your side hustle

  • Many people are trying to start a side hustle during the pandemic, as rising unemployment and reduced hours are pushing them to look for creative, independent ways to make money.
  • But the desire to simply survive isn't enough to make it as a professional side hustler, experts say.
  • Those who've successfully transitioned into working for themselves share with Business Insider the 10 books that helped them find success on the side. 
  • Whether it's how to's or a personal account of finding motivation, these books offer practical advice and actionable steps on transforming your passion project into a lucrative source of freedom. 
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

Thanks to the coronavirus, unemployment is way up and so are new side hustles. Millions have been thrown out of work or seen their hours cut, and according to a host of surveys, many are responding by finding creative, independent ways to make money on their own. 

"Sixty-four percent of Americans age 24 and older who lost a job or had their hours reduced have landed, or plan to seek, a side hustle, according to a TD Ameritrade survey," reported USA Today. "54% of all adults are planning a side gig, according to a mid-April survey by" 

Whether you're starting a side hustle because of the pandemic or because you've always dreamed of controlling your own schedule and financial future, the goal isn't to grind through long days for just enough to avert disaster. Every side hustler wants to do more than survive. 

Those who've successfully made the leap to working for themselves and now help others find lucrative ways to make money on the side, including coaches and authors, insist books can help. Business Insider reached out to several of them for recommendations of the best titles to teach you how to transform your side hustle from a passion project or financial necessity into a source of real freedom and wealth. 

1. "Side Hustle" by Chris Guillebeau

Let's start with the basics. Guillebeau's book is probably the best known how-to for the side hustler and it has a lot of fans, including podcaster and coach Rachele Voigt. She described Guillebeau's approach as "very practical/straight forward/action-oriented versus some of the other books I've read that are more mindset focused." 

Find it here »

2. "Don't Keep Your Day Job" by Cathy Heller

If you do need to jumpstart your mindset, author Susie Moore recommends "Don't Keep Your Day Job." "This book will get you fired up, ready to use your zone of genius to add a little more sparkle to this world. Cathy has a brilliant podcast (of the same name) and has interviewed people from Howard Schultz to The Property Brothers — she's all about using your unique skills to step out of the career box," Moore said. 

Find it here »

3. "What If It Does Work Out?" By Susie Moore

Speaking of Moore, several experts recommended her book. Voigt called it "super inspiring" and said it "helped me kickstart my side hustle when I was just starting out." 

Successful side hustler Ryan Robinson, who interviewed Moore on his podcast said, "Moore wrote this book to motivate you to overcome your fear of failure and doubts about whether or not pursuing your side hustle is the right decision, and gives actionable steps to begin building a profitable side hustle."

Find it here »

4. "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles

Leah Gervais, a business coach who helps people get their side hustles off the ground, suggested this practical title. 

"This book taught me to think about money like an entrepreneur, which is dramatically different from the way we generally talk about it in our society. Instead of seeing income from coming through one source (a job) this book taught me to see it more holistically, to think bigger, and to go bigger," she explained.

Find it here »

5. "You are a Badass as Making Money" by Jen Sincero

Another title offering advice on the dollars-and-cents side of succeeding at your side hustle, this book was recommended by both Voigt and another coach for entrepreneurs, Relinde Moors. "This book is funny and it gave me the guts to invest in a business that didn't exist yet (in terms of time, hiring a coach)," Moors said. 

It may be particularly helpful to mid-career professionals thinking of heading out on their own. "It helped me to get over the 'I'm too late' mantra in my head, as Jen was over 40 when she became successful, which makes her a great role model for anyone who gives up before they've even started because they think they're too old," Moors added.

Find it here »

6. "The E-Myth" by Michael E. Gerber

One last nuts-and-bolts suggestion, also from Moors. The E-Myth argued most "entrepreneurs are actually 'technicians.' Meaning, we're really good at what we do (being a coach, a yoga teacher, a jewelry designer) but not good at being a business owner," she said. Gerber helps you figure out not just how to do what you love, but how to make money off it without having your work completely consume your life.

Find it here »

7. "Rework" by Jason Fried

Sometimes what's holding back a would-be side hustler isn't financial acumen, but struggles with productivity. How do you get everything done you need to get done in just 24 hours? Moore insisted the answers are in this book. "Rework" "highlights an 'easy-is-better' approach," she said. "There is always a smarter, faster way! This book is full of getting-it-done hacks."

Find it here »

8. "The Motivation Myth" by Jeff Haden

If you've been procrastinating on your side hustle idea for a while, Robinson's prescription is this book from Jeff Haden.  

"Haden argues that motivation isn't a magical formula that we need at the outset of any major change, challenge or endeavor. Rather, that motivation is a result of process, not a cause," he wrote. "This book is a must-read that'll bring you practical advice to stop stalling and start actually working toward your dreams."

Find it here »


9. "Boss Bitch" by Nicole Lapin

Struggling with how to build a bridge between your corporate experience and your new side hustle? Gervais suggests this book from news anchor and serial entrepreneur Nicole Lapin. 

"This book was a case study by someone who was very successful in her corporate career, and leveraged it to brand herself, start side hustling, and become her own boss," she explained. "It's a great case study for a 20-something woman wondering how to start something on her own using the experience she already has."

Find it here »


10. "One MillIon Followers" by Brendan Kane

Once you've started your side hustle, how do you get the word out? That's the question Kane tackles in "One Million Followers." The book "was very simple and helpful in learning about content creation. Kane was the first person who introduced (and explained) the concept of  'shareable content' which helps side hustler's grow a following organically," Voigt recalled.

Find it here »

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The Buccaneer Beach & Golf Resort is a beachfront Caribbean retreat with stunning room views, a golf course, 3 private beaches, and new COVID-19 protocols — and you don't need a passport to visit

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.

  • The Buccaneer is a storied beachfront resort with cliffside rooms overlooking the scenic Beauregard Bay on the island of St Croix. 
  • In addition to its sprawling grounds, the recently reopened hotel has implemented enhanced safety and cleaning protocols in response to COVID-19.
  • I visited just before the pandemic and stayed in a mid-tier Deluxe Oceanfront room and found it to be a relaxing, spacious retreat.
  • This room type starts at $419 per night, but was comped for review purposes. On a return visit, I would instead opt for an Ocean View room in the iconic Great House, for $269 per night.
  • Sign up for Insider Reviews' weekly newsletter for more buying advice and great deals. 

When cooped up indoors (as many of us have been, due to COVID-19) and dreaming of a beachfront escape with turquoise waters and sugary beaches, The Buccaneer is the exact kind of Caribbean oasis your mind is likely to conjure.

The island of St. Croix's tourism board must know this since they offer a livestream of The Buccaneer Beach and Golf Resort that has been going since January of 2018. 

A member of the Historic Hotels of America, the hotel's Great House dates as far back as 1653, and The Buccaneer first opened its doors to guests beginning in 1947 with just 11 guest rooms. Today, the sprawling resort is one of the most iconic spots in the US Virgin Islands, and still run by the granddaughter of the original owners and operators.

Now a full-service luxury resort, The Buccaneer has maintained a strong sense of camaraderie, at times feeling more like a 340-acre clubhouse where everyone knows one another, rather than a fleeting hotel stay. This is, no doubt, what keeps guests coming back year after year.

Naturally, this year, that annual ritual has changed for some of the extended Buccaneer "family." After closing down due to COVID-19 guidelines, the resort recently reopened with new protocols in place. 

With American tourists' travel limited right now, the US Virgin Islands — a Caribbean retreat that isn't too far from the mainland and doesn't require a passport — is particularly attractive. While I visited the Buccaneer just before the pandemic, its open-air style, private beach access, and ample outdoor grounds make it especially desirable now, too.

My mid-tier Ocean View Deluxe room was comped for review purposes, but typically runs $419 per night. However, entry-level Ocean View rooms still offer gorgeous views and stronger value, starting at $269 per night. 

However, be aware that while you won't need a passport to enter the US Virgin Islands, you will need a negative COVID-19 PCR nasal test result that was received within five days of your arrival date, or a positive COVID-19 antibodies test that was received within four months of your arrival date. 

And if you're not quite ready to hop on a plane just yet, consider saving this idyllic spot to your future wish list.

  • The first impression
  • The room
  • On-site amenities
  • What's nearby
  • What others say
  • What you need to know
  • COVID-19 policies
  • The bottom line
  • Book the Buccaneer Beach & Golf Resort starting at $269 per night

Read on to see why I was so impressed with The Buccaneer.

I arrived at The Buccaneer in early March, and compared to New York's dull, gray days, the first thing I noticed was the sun shining over the rolling green hills of the property's 18-hole golf course. The golf course is considered one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean, and it made for a picturesque backdrop that set the tone of my trip as I drove up the driveway to the lobby of the Great House. 

The salmon-colored Great House (as the main building is called) is perched atop a hill. I was welcomed by neoclassical inspired fountains and statues that mixed with the wild yet beautiful landscaping of the courtyard that includes shady porticos. The brightly colored furniture in the lobby and black-and-white tiled floors gave the space a retro feel, but in a vintage, rather than dated, way. It reminded me of a classic country club, but with a more laid-back atmosphere.

I visited just before the COVID-19 lockdowns, so I was handed a rum refreshment upon entering the lobby and encouraged to sit in one of several seating areas as they took my information. After a quick check-in process, I was whisked away to my room in a golf cart by a bellhop who showed me the ins and outs of the resort and room. 

Though it was not the case when I visited, a mask or face covering is now required by all guests and hotel employees. Upon arrival, an attendant will also take your temperature to ensure you don't have a fever. Any fever over 100 degrees is reported to the front desk and local Department of Health for testing. 

Pre-check-in, guests are now also required to submit their photo-identification, preference sheet, and any waivers they may need during their stay to limit the interaction with the front desk. Only two families are allowed in the lobby at a time and unfortunately, gone are the days of the delicious welcome drink. The attendants are protected via plexiglass and online payment and contactless check-out is highly recommended.

While a staff member guides you to your room, they no longer enter with you. Instead, you can learn more details about your room by calling the lobby.

As I entered my Deluxe Ocean View Room, I immediately took note of how spacious it was. As the bellhop showed me around, there was even a moment or two when I had to "catch up" to him.

The 16-foot ceilings added to the roomy feeling. While it was just me staying there, my room could easily have accommodated two to three people (or a small family) thanks to a separate sitting area, as well as ample closet and drawer space. 

In a grand reveal, the bellhop opened the curtains and revealed the best part: the stunning sea view and cliffside stone patio overlooking the seafront. During my stay, I actually slept with the curtains open so I could catch the sunrise every morning. The bed was equally enormous and facing the ocean, so I fell asleep easily with the soundtrack of crashing waves every night. 

The room was decked out in airy, beach bungalow-inspired earth tones and wooden accents. There was a round glass table with two chairs near the large windows where I could work and enjoy the view.

The Buccaneer wasn't sleek, but it was homey. However, those used to more modern luxury stays may find the tile floors, drapes, and patterned armchairs dated. 

While the stone patio had two loungers on it, I was surprised that there wasn't an outdoor shower. There was a coffee maker and tea provided in the room that I frequently made use of at night, but otherwise, the minibar was lackluster. Some locally-sourced products would have been a nice touch, though, they may be impacted by new COVID policies now.

One downside to staying in a Deluxe Ocean Front room is that my room was an uphill hike to breakfast and dinner every day. I mean seriously uphill. However, my set of rooms were located between two of the property's main beaches, Grotto and Mermaid Beach and I did like that I was close to the beach, the tennis courts, and the dock for excursions. 

The Buccaneer is a sprawling property with room options dotted all over to fit a range of styles and budgets.

Despite the higher price point of $419, the Deluxe Ocean Front room I stayed in is surprisingly the hotel's most popular room category, according to the hotel website.

For those willing to seriously splurge, families with children 14 and under who want even more space can opt for the two-bedroom Family Cottage Suites starting at $555 per night. Similarly, the private, villa-style Beachside Doubloon rooms are popular with honeymooners, though they will set you back quite a bit at $679 per night.  

For an in-between option, the Luxury Ocean View Rooms (or Ridge Rooms as they are also known) sit adjacent to the sugar mill. They offer less privacy than some of the pricier options, but still feature sitting areas and patios and start at $400. However, I personally wouldn't opt to stay there, especially if you're superstitious; they are renovated former slave quarters dating back almost 300 years.

The entry-level rooms are the beautiful Ocean View rooms in the Great House starting at $269 per night. If I were to return, I'd book this room category rather than opt to spend more on a Luxury Ocean View Room or Deluxe Ocean View Room. 

While my room was fabulous, it was bigger than many people's NYC studio apartments, and, as the name implies, the Ocean View rooms still offer killer views of the turquoise sea at significant savings. The standard Ocean View just poses a much stronger value for my needs.

However, families may find value in splurging on an upgrade for the additional space and privacy they afford. 

Compare room types and prices for the Buccaneer Beach & Golf Resort

It would be easy to stay at The Buccaneer for a week without ever leaving the property. There is a resort fee of $10 per day, but with so much to do on-site, and breakfast included in the room rate, it feels more than worth it.  

It's hard to miss the golf course. Not only is the course itself one of the most beautiful in the West Indies but it is also overlooking beautiful Altona Lagoon, one of the Caribbean's rare bioluminescent bays. 

Near my room was the tennis facility with eight courts right off of the beach. Both the golfing greens and tennis courts are still open with tee times and courts requiring advanced booking.

The resort includes three private beaches. Mermaid Beach has a restaurant and beach games for guests to enjoy, Whistle Beach is the most private of the three, and Grotto Beach includes a pool right by the shore and is an especially great spot for beginner snorkelers. As a handy bonus, the property provides guests with snorkeling equipment for the duration of their stay. 

There's a great gym on-site, though currently, it is not open due to COVID. Though, there's no need to run on a treadmill when you can jog along the nature path that will take you through mangroves, water lily ponds, and the lagoon.

I also enjoyed a relaxing deep tissue massage at the property's spa. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the spa is currently closed. 

There are usually four dining options at the Buccaneer. However, right now all food is operating from The Mermaid, the beachside open-air restaurant, and reservations must be made ahead of time. That's not a huge loss, though. In the Caribbean, nine times out of 10, I'd say skip the resort food and head to a local restaurant, and this was no exception. I found the food to generally be less than memorable. That said, breakfast is included and the eggs Benedict was excellent. I'd also recommend having a sunset cocktail at The Lounge.

Additionally, there is an on-site sugar mill that dates from when Governor von Prock turned the property into a sugarcane plantation. During non-pandemic times, The Buccaneer has turned it into a space that you can book for a candle-lit romantic dinner or as a part of a wedding venue (it has even hosted the cast of ABC's "The Bachelor").

The Buccaneer's private dock off of Mermaid Beach offers a pickup point for most tours going to Buck Island, a US Monument designated by John F. Kennedy. 

Close to Buck Island is an uninhabited island with a long, coral-reef "underwater trail." It's a stunning marine garden. The Buccaneer can help you book a guided snorkeling tour. I went on one with Big Beard's Adventure Tours and found it was an absolute must-see.

If you're interested in both history and food, I couldn't recommend Virgin Island Food Tours enough. My guide gave me a crash course in the history of the island as it ties into the food.  Sampling island specialties like johnnycakes and doubles made for a fun day. Go hungry!

Check flight prices to St. Croix on Expedia

The Buccaneer is a 4-star hotel that averages a 4.5 out of 5 on Trip Advisor, and is rated number 1 out of the 14 hotels in Christiansted. It is also rated a 9.1 (9.5 for location) out of 10 on

Most people are very happy with the service and the "vintage" charm of the hotel. The property and its ample amenities are a major draw for guests. However, there are those that would definitely have appreciated more updates on the property and find the decor too dated for their tastes. "It is almost as if a top resort from 1980 was frozen in time," says one negative review. 

Some reviewers also note that the service, at the restaurants, in particular, was lacking and inconsistent. To their point, my breakfast did take ages to come out most of the days I was there.

Read reviews, compare prices, and book the Buccaneer Beach & Golf Resort on Trip Advisor

Who stays here: Families that have been coming for generations, young couples looking for a nice place to honeymoon, those looking for a passport-free beach escape. 

We like: The spaciousness of the property. It's hard to be anywhere on-site without an ocean view or your toes in the sand and the outdoor offerings are particularly great for social distancing.

We love (don't miss this feature!): The private beaches. A property with three beaches is a luxury and the fact that they have great snorkeling was an unexpected bonus.

We think you should know: The Ridge Rooms are former slave quarters, which makes for weird juju if you choose to stay in them. On a positive note, all of the water is recycled with bath and wastewater being used for irrigation and rainwater and desalinated seawater used for general washing. I liked these efforts toward sustainability.

We'd do this differently next time: I would opt for a more affordable entry-level room next time. Unless you truly will take advantage of all the extra space, it's unnecessary. Plus, the ocean views are still exceptional from the less expensive rooms. 

The US Virgin Islands reopened for leisure tourism again as of September 2020. Prior to landing in the islands, every traveler over the age of five must use the USVI Travel Portal to submit results from a COVID-19 antigen or antibody test taken at least 5 days prior to landing in the USVI.

Upon arrival, you must produce your original test result and travel certification received from the Travel Screening Portal. Travelers unable to produce the required test result will be subject to mandatory self-quarantine for 14 days or until test results are provided, per the Department of Health, at the travelers' own expense.

The Buccaneer St. Croix emphasized safety and cleaning protocol in response to COVID-19.

These new protocols include:

  • Masks or face coverings required when interacting with hotel employees, including upon entering at the main gate. 
  • The gate attendant will take temperatures of guests to check for fevers.
  • Measures have been taken like implementing downloadable menus, socially-distancing beach and pool chairs, reduced capacity in the Grotto pool, and to-go food delivered to your door instead of room service
  • The gym is closed and they are offering all meals at the open-air Mermaid Restaurant.
  • The spa is currently closed.

Additionally, the resort has tapped an epidemiologist to help implement the new protocols on the property, from the provision of hand sanitizer across the resort to sanitizing and cleaning property-wide throughout the day. 


The idea of hotel stay has changed significantly since COVID-19. However, The Buccaneer, which was already desirable pre-COVID, has only become more attractive.

The property, by nature of the sprawling layout, has social distancing practically built-in. The new COVID protocols they have implemented, along with the fact that they are working with an epidemiologist, makes it feel like they are taking safety seriously. 

Beautiful grounds, ample activities, and showstopping room views made me eager to return again in the future. While I thoroughly enjoyed the property's nostalgic and homey vibes, those looking for more modern luxury may prefer a different stay. Additionally, while some may think the added space and privacy of mid- and high-tier rooms are worth the additional cost, there are significant savings to be found with entry-level rooms in the Great House.

The Buccaneer is certainly the kind of place you can head with your family or "quarantine family" as the atmosphere encourages reconnecting with the outdoors and enjoying being in the moment. And for those seeking a getaway farther afield without any additional hassle, the fact that no passport is required since it's located in the US Virgin Islands is a serious draw.

Book a room at the Buccaneer Beach & Golf Resort starting at $269 per night

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