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National Review Slams Trump’s Refusal To Concede As ‘A Bid For Infamy’

The conservative National Review minced no words in a Friday editorial that denounced President Donald Trump’s attempts to undermine the Nov. 3 election, calling the president’s actions a “bid for infamy.”

The magazine focused special attention on the Thursday news conference at the Republican National Committee by Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Guiliani, and lawyer Sidney Powell.

The two claimed a widespread voter fraud conspiracy, based on unproven allegations, which the National Review called “the most outlandish and irresponsible performance ever by a group of lawyers representing a president of the United States.” It dismissed the unproven theories of voter fraud and called their “lawyering worthy of the comments section of Breitbart News.’”

“If there’s serious evidence for any of this, Giuliani and co. need to produce it immediately,” the magazine said. “Waving around affidavits at a press conference without allowing anyone to examine them doesn’t count. … This magazine has always taken voter fraud seriously, and we hope that any that occurred in this election is exposed and prosecuted. But it’s important to recognize that the broad contours of the 2020 presidential vote make sense.”

National Review editors pointed out that “same-day ballots strongly favoring Republicans were counted first, and early votes strongly favoring Democrats were counted last.” Politics aside, “across the country, the basic picture is the same, without any notable anomalies — Trump excelled in rural areas, got wiped out in urban areas but often by slightly smaller margins than in 2016, and lost soundly in suburban counties, which proved decisive.”

The magazine also urged Republicans to speak out against the Trump team’s “profoundly undemocratic gambit,” adding that the president was only making his loss to President-elect Joe Biden worse by putting on such a charade.

“He’s turning a narrow election defeat into a bid for infamy,” the magazine said.

The National Review has repeatedly criticized Trump’s policies as perversions of conservatism since the president’s term began, notably in a February 2016 issue with “Against Trump” featured prominently on its cover.

The magazine’s latest editorial echoed one by the Washington Examiner, another conservative magazine, which urged the president on Friday to “move on” and concede.

Read the full National Review editorial here.


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Trump Campaign Attorneys Move To Withdraw From Pennsylvania Election Lawsuit — Again

All three attorneys representing President Donald Trump’s campaign in its federal lawsuit in Pennsylvania filed a motion on Monday to withdraw from the case seeking to stop the certification of the state’s election results.

Linda Kerns, John Scott and Douglas Bryan Hughes filed the motion the day before a judge is set to hear the case. Attorney Marc A. Scaringi will now represent the campaign in the case, according to the filing.

Major media outlets called the presidential election for former Vice President Joe Biden on Nov. 7 after determining that the remaining ballots left to be counted in Pennsylvania would not result in Trump catching up. The president has refused to concede, baselessly accusing states like Pennsylvania, where Biden won, of voter fraud and ballot-counting irregularities.

The new attorney for the case, Scaringi, published a blog post earlier this month on his law firm’s website that called Biden “President-Elect” and said the Democrat “has successfully claimed the role of the 46th president of the United States.”

Trump campaign legal adviser Jenna Ellis told HuffPost in a statement that substituting the attorneys “is consistent with routine managing of complex litigation.” The campaign did not answer HuffPost’s question about whether it was aware of Scaringi’s blog post.

This is now the second set of lawyers to withdraw from the Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania case. Attorneys Ronald Hicks, Carolyn McGee and firm Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP filed a motion to withdraw on Thursday ― Kerns remained as counsel at the time, but filed a motion to withdraw on Monday.

On Friday, a federal appeals court rejected an effort by the Trump campaign to block about 9,300 mail-ballots that arrived after Election Day in Pennsylvania. A Philadelphia judge that same day refused to reject about 8,300 mail-ballots in the area, finding no evidence of any widespread voter fraud.

And a Michigan judge refused to stop the certification of Detroit-area election results on Friday, rejecting claims by the Trump campaign that the city had committed fraud with how it handled absentee ballots.

On Saturday, Trump announced that he had placed personal attorney Rudy Giuliani in charge of his national legal team and local counsel for the many campaign lawsuits challenging election results. Sources told The New York Times that Trump advisers were unhappy with the decision, complaining that Giuliani gives the president “unwarranted optimism” about his chances of overturning the election.

The Trump campaign filed a slimmed-down version of the federal lawsuit on Sunday in Pennsylvania that drops an allegation central to the case: that hundreds of thousands of mail-in and absentee ballots were illegally processed without the campaign’s representatives watching.

The remaining claim in the lawsuit focuses on invalidating ballots cast by voters who were given an opportunity to fix mail-in ballots that were going to be disqualified for a technicality. There is no provision in Pennsylvania law that prevents counties from helping voters fix a ballot that contains a technical deficiency.

The campaign still maintains that Pennsylvania election officials treated Democratic voters more favorably than their Republican counterparts. Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar ― a Democrat who is the defendant in the case ― responded in court on Sunday asking the judge to dismiss the case. The state’s lawyers say that state courts are the proper jurisdiction for the subject, and that the lawsuit contains no “plausible claim for relief on any legal theory.”


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Around half of the top US Facebook posts since Election Day are sowing doubt about the legitimacy of the election

  • At least half of the most popular US Facebook posts in the week since Election Day have sown misinformation or doubt about the result, data shows.
  • Business Insider analyzed data pulled from CrowdTangle, a tool developed by Facebook to monitor posts that go viral.
  • Top-performing topics include Trump saying he won the election, or links to articles alleging irregularities in the counting of votes. 
  • On some of the posts, Facebook appended labels highlighting that their claims were contested — but they did little to hamper their popularity. 
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A majority of the most popular US posts on Facebook since Election Day have sown doubt about the legitimacy of Joe Biden's election win, a Business Insider analysis has shown. 

Posts falsely claiming President Donald Trump won the election, or alluding to various unconfirmed hitches in the vote count have had hundreds of thousands of interactions.

The data came from CrowdTangle, a tool developed by Facebook to monitor content going viral.

Business Insider analyzed the top 10 posts from November 3 to November 10 in two separate categories. The first was posts which included links to external media, and the second was for posts which did not.

Facebook attached warning labels to some of the posts, flagging that their claims are disputed, but the pushback did not stop them being seen widely.

Top posts include:

  • Trump falsely alleging fraudulent votes and the prevention of election observers (source).
  • Three links to news stories by the right-wing news site Breitbart, alleging election irregularities in numerous places (source 1, source 2, source 3).
  • Trump falsely alleging that votes cast after Election Day will not be counted (source).
  • Rightwing commentator Dan Bongino sharing news that Sen. Lindsey Graham donated to Trump's legal fund to contest the results (source).

Seven days of misinformation

Of the 10 most-interacted posts without links in them since November 3, nine have been by President Donald Trump and six contained outright untruths about the election. 

This includes one from November 7, around an hour after major TV networks called the election in Joe Biden's favor, in which the president falsely stated: "I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!" 

Facebook has flagged those posts with notes linking users to the correct information. This aligns with a decision from June to label —  but not remove — politicians' misinformation. The company did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment. 

A similar pattern can be found in the top 10 posts with links in the same time frame. Five of them, while not all directly challenging the result, allude to claims of election fraud. 

The most interacted-with link was a post by Fox News posting an article with the headline: "Jason Aldean's wife Brittany stands up for fellow Republicans, Trump after backlash from Biden supporters." 

The text accompanying the link noted that Brittany Aldean — the wife of a country music singer — had worn a Trump sweatshirt saying "Still my president" on it. 

While Fox News election reporters have largely pushed back at election misinformation, its primetime opinion stars have not hesitated to amplify it. 

Three further linked posts in the top 10 from the last week were from President Trump, sharing articles from Breitbart with claims of voting irregularities in Detroit, Fulton County, and Georgia statewide. 

"What a total mess this 'election' has been!" Trump wrote on one post.

A team of 28 international election observers have said they found no evidence of voter fraud or irregularities during the election, as Business Insider's Ashley Collman reported. 

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Bernie Sanders: The Average Republican Senator Knows Trump Has Lost

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) urged Republican senators on Wednesday to stand up to Donald Trump as many of them stay silent and even defend the president as he attacks democracy and refuses to concede he lost the election.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked the senator from Vermont and former Democratic presidential candidate for his reaction to Trump’s actions in the wake of his loss to Democrat Joe Biden.

“It is an outrage,” Sanders said. “Look. People lose close elections. Hillary Clinton lost a close election. Other people have lost close elections.”

“And what you do in America, historically, is you say, ‘I fought as hard as I could and I want to thank my supporters, and I congratulate the winner, and let’s go forward with the transition. We all love our country and we want the best for America.’”

“What he is doing right now is delegitimizing our electoral process and American democracy.”

Trump has cried foul about the results of the election without any actual evidence of fraud. He is launching legal challenges in several states to contest the results, and his administration is holding up the official transition process for his successor.

Despite projections from major news networks and The Associated Press indicating Trump lost by large margins in several key battleground states, as well as acknowledgments from world leaders that Biden is president-elect, Republican lawmakers have largely been reticent to acknowledge Biden’s victory and have maintained that Trump has a right to contest the results.

“The average Republican senator is not an idiot. They understand that Trump has lost,” Sanders said.

He raised deep concerns about the degree to which Trump intimidates Republican members of Congress.

“They are afraid to stand up to him. So you got a party, not of individuals, but almost a cult-type party where members of the Senate who know better, not just on this issue, on many other issues, come up to you privately and say, ‘Yeah, Trump is a little bit crazy, but—’ you know?’” he said.

“I would hope they get the courage to stand up as individuals and represent their constituencies and not live in fear of Donald Trump. It’s not a good thing.”

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) made similar comments on Tuesday. He said some of his Republican colleagues were privately asking him to congratulate Biden because they couldn’t yet do so publicly.


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Georgia's top election official after Sens. Loeffler, Perdue call on him to resign: 'That is not going to happen'

  • Georgia Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler called on their Secretary of State to resign over unfounded allegations of mismanagement and lack of transparency in the election. 
  • Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger rebuffed Perdue and Loeffler's claims, for which there is no evidence supporting them.
  • Both Perdue and Loeffler are staring down a final fight to keep their Senate seats, with a January 5 runoff that pits them against Democratic challengers, the Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.
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Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger refused to resign after the state's two Republican senators called on him to do so.

"Let me start by saying that is not going to happen," Raffensperger wrote in the statement. "I know emotions are running high. Politics are involved in everything right now. If I was Senator Perdue, I'd be irritated I was in a runoff. And both Senators and I are all unhappy with the potential outcome for our President."

Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler called on Raffensperger, who is also a Republican, to resign and alleged there was mismanagement and a lack of transparency in the election, despite providing no proof, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. 

Raffensperger asserted that the vote-counting process was fair and orderly. 

President-elect Joe Biden overtook President Donald Trump in Georgia early Friday when Decision Desk HQ and Insider called the election for Biden. As of Monday, Biden was ahead of Trump in Georgia by more than 11,400 votes.

While there will be a recount in the state, Biden has won the overall election, surpassing the necessary 270 electoral votes to secure a victory. If Biden does officially win Georgia, he would be the first Democrat to flip the Republican stronghold state since 1992. 

Trump has repeatedly made false claims that the election was being "stolen" from him, and demanded recounts in several states. 

A recount is not expected to surface enough additional votes to change the results of the election. Raffensperger dismissed any hope Trump and his allies may have that a recount would flip more votes in the incumbent president's favor.

"That is unlikely," Raffensperger said in a statement. 

Both Perdue and Loeffler are staring down a final fight to keep their Senate seats, with a January 5 runoff that pits them against their respective Democratic challengers, the Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

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Michael Cohen Predicts When And How ‘Loser’ Trump Leaves The White House

President Donald Trump may leave the White House for next month’s Christmas break and never return, according to his former personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen. 

But it’s not because Trump plans to concede to President-elect Joe Biden. 

“I wouldn’t be shocked if there’s no concession speech at all,” Cohen told MSNBC’s Alex Witt on Sunday. “My theory is that Christmastime he heads to Mar-a-Lago and I don’t believe he comes back to Washington. I think he stays at Mar-a-Lago all the way through the inauguration.” 

Cohen, who worked for Trump for years before turning on him in 2018, added that Trump was unlikely to attend the inauguration. 

“He cannot let the camera look at him and basically pull down the curtain and see the wizard that’s standing beside,” Cohen said. “That he’s a loser, and it’s killing him.” 

Since Trump can’t accept losing, he had to fabricate a conspiracy theory to explain it. 

“Donald Trump cannot accept the fact that he lost,” Cohen said at another point in the interview. “To him, it’s tantamount to calling him a loser, which is the worst thing in the world that you can actually call him.”  

As a result, Trump will fight the election’s results, even after leaving office, to damage the new administration.

“He’s gonna start his own media company,” Cohen predicted, noting that Trump wanted to launch one in 2015. “Every day he’s gonna sow more chaos with more fake information disseminated out there in order to be a thorn in President-elect Biden’s thigh.”

Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress and to campaign finance violations for facilitating hush-money payments on behalf of Trump to porn star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal. He was sentenced to three years behind bars, but was released from prison earlier this year and is serving in home confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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'This is not American democracy as people normally see it': BBC presenter delivers a brutal assessment of Trump's behavior as election votes are being counted in the US

  • BBC presenter Ros Atkins delivered a brutal assessment of President Donald Trump's efforts to claim fraud as several states continue to tally votes in the US presidential election.
  • "International election observers are accusing the president of a gross abuse of office," Atkins said. 
  • Trump has made several false claims and multiple calls to stop vote counts in several key states as the margins between him and Joe Biden tighten in some key battleground states.
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A BBC presenter delivered a biting critique of President Donald Trump's behavior as several US states continue to tally votes in this year's presidential election, and as Trump repeatedly rails against the process while his chances of reelection dwindle.

"Now, Donald Trump repeatedly attacked America's democratic process during the campaign so the last two days are not entirely a surprise, but reaction around the world shows us, the president still has the capacity to shock," Ros Atkins said. 


Trump falsely declared victory early Wednesday even though votes were still being counted, and then called for vote counts to stop. His reelection campaign brought forward lawsuits in several key states like Michigan and Pennsylvania to stop vote counting. 

"The counting of votes after election day is a standard part of the electoral process," Atkins said. "International election observers are accusing the president of a gross abuse of office."

The president also falsely claimed there was electoral fraud, saying, with no evidence, that the election is being stolen. Members of his campaign, including his son Eric Trump pushed verifiably false assertions that ballots were being burned.

Leaders across the world were also shocked by Trump's behavior, and some compared what's happening in the US to something they'd expect from undemocratic nations. 

German parliamentarian Norbert Röttgen told NPR that Trump's attempt to claim he won the election when he clearly had not showed "a total lack of respect for the law."

"For better or for worse, this is not American democracy as people normally see it," Atkins said. 

Trump echoed the same remarks he's made since Tuesday in a televised speech on Thursday from the White House press briefing room, further undermining the democratic process. 

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper described Trump's demeanor as similar to that of "an obese turtle on his back, flailing in the hot sun."

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Videos show Trump protesters chanting 'count those votes' and 'stop the count' outside separate ballot-counting sites in Michigan and Arizona

  • Supporters of President Donald Trump chanted "stop the count" and "count those votes" in separate protests outside ballot-counting stations in Phoenix, Arizona, and Detroit, Michigan.
  • Videos showed a crowd outside Detroit's TCF Centre on Wednesday chanting "stop the count" and "stop the vote." 
  • However, his fans outside the Maricopa County Election Center, Arizona, where Trump is trailing Biden, were filmed chanting "count those votes."
  • The Trump campaign is also filing lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan to stop the battleground states from counting remaining votes.
  • Trump falsely claimed victory on Wednesday and made claims of "major fraud" without providing any evidence.
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Supporters of President Donald Trump chanted both "count those votes" and "stop the count" outside two ballot-counting sites in Michigan and Arizona.

As of Thursday morning, ballots were still being counted in key states. Trump falsely claimed victory in the presidential election on Wednesday. claiming there is "major fraud on our nation," without providing evidence for his assertion.

His campaign is filing lawsuits to stop remaining votes from being counted in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan. Meanwhile, the president and his GOP allies are insisting that the vote counts continue in Arizona and Nevada, where Trump is behind Biden and looking for electoral-vote pickups.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden won Michigan on Wednesday afternoon, according to Decision Desk HQ.

Videos published online on Wednesday showed crowds pushing to get inside the TCF Center in Detroit, Michigan, where votes were being counted earlier that day.

One, posted to Twitter by Washington Post photojournalist Salwan Georges, showed Trump supporters inside the center chanting "stop the count" and "stop the vote." 

A second video, posted to Twitter by Detroit-based reporter Annalise Frank, showed Trump supporters outside the center, also chanting "stop the vote." They were denied entry by police and security, Frank said.

A third video, posted by NBC News correspondent Steve Patterson, showed protesters inside the center surrounding the doors to the vote counting hall. "Pizza boxes are pushed against the window to obstruct view. It's tense," he wrote.


The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in the Michigan Court of Claims on Tuesday in an attempt to stop ballot counting.

"President Trump's campaign has not been provided with meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process, as guaranteed by Michigan law," the campaign said in a statement.

Across the country, around 200 Trump fans amassed outside the Maricopa County Election Center in Phoenix, Arizona, late Wednesday night, chanting "count those votes" — the opposite of the chants made in Detroit the same day.

Chants of "Fox News sucks" also rang out from the crowd, showing anger toward the network's decision to call Arizona for Biden on Tuesday night.

Some of those assembled outside the Maricopa County Election Center demanded entry to the facility, MSNBC reporter Gadi Schwartz said.

On Wednesday, a large group of protesters that did not appear to be linked to Trump's campaign also protested Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, calling for every vote to be counted across the US.

Protesters held signs reading "count every vote," and "keeping hope alive," Bloomberg reported. Decision Desk HQ and other outlets called Oregon for Biden on Wednesday.

As Business Insider's Jake Lahut and Grace Panetta previously reported, Trump has frequently spread misinformation claiming there is widespread fraud and election malfeasance in Pennsylvania, and baselessly claimed that "bad things happen in Philadelphia." 

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What the Hell Happened to Democrats in Miami-Dade?

A few things have been relatively certain for several weeks. First, that Joe Biden’s clearest path to an Electoral College victory ran through the upper Midwest (Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania). Second, that because of the volume of votes cast by mail this year, and the idiosyncratic rules governing those local elections, vote-counting would lag in the states most likely to lock the presidential race up for Democrats. Now, in the light of day, both of those things still appear to be true. The “red mirage” scenario that strategists warned about — in which votes cast on Election Day, which would more likely be for Trump, would be processed faster than the considerably larger number of votes that were banked early for Biden, creating the illusion that Trump was winning when he was actually on track to lose — has come to pass. 

Biden is still favored to win the election, and — based on the number of ballots left to count, their location, and the demographic makeup of the voters who cast them — Democrats should feel relatively confident in the upper Midwest.

But here’s what else we know: Despite months of polling that suggested Biden was a slight favorite to win the Sunshine state, Florida has slipped out of Democrats’ grasp once again. Unlike the Trump campaign, which desperately needed to hang on to Florida to have any shot at retaining the White House, the Biden campaign was never counting on it to reach 270 Electoral College votes. Statisticians at FiveThirtyEight have consistently shown Arizona and Nebraska’s second congressional district as more likely to pad Biden’s electoral lead than Florida. 



It couldn’t have felt good at Biden HQ when Trump pulled ahead in Florida on election night, but it was predictable: There have been clear signs in recent weeks that Republicans were turning out in higher numbers in a part of Florida where Democrats need to run up the score in order to win: Miami-Dade County.

On Election Day, Rolling Stone spoke to Maria Elena Lopez, first vice chair of the Miami Dade Democrats to get a sense of the situation on the ground. Democrats had a fragile, roughly 100,000 ballot lead in the early vote, and volunteers were still out knocking doors, frantically trying to get out the vote. At the time, Lopez said turnout was on track to match 2016 — a problem, considering Hillary Clinton lost the state and the election that year. Still, Lopez was hopeful Tuesday morning that Biden might do better than Clinton did in other parts of the state, like the I-4 corridor, home to a growing Puerto Rican population. 

“My worst fear would be that our Latin community believes the bullshit that Biden is a socialist and communist, and doesn’t vote for him,” Lopez said bluntly on Tuesday. “That is my main fear. It is very hard to fight misinformation, and that has been the most frustrating part for us as a party. How do you go out there and try to have a logical conversation with people that do not believe what you’re saying?”

Lopez is Cuban-American herself; her family came to the U.S. in 1960. Her parents were staunch Republicans for most of her life, and she sensed that the Trump campaign’s simple messaging — Biden is a socialist — was resonating with members of the Cuban community, many of whom, including her family, fled a socialist regime. 

When Florida was called for Donald Trump on Tuesday night, Biden was dramatically underperforming Hillary Clinton’s margins not just in Miami-Dade County, but almost everywhere, and it was clear Lopez’s worst fear was realized. Part of the reason, she said Wednesday, was that Republicans’ argument was just simpler. “The messaging by the Trump campaign that Democrats are socialists resonates because you’re bringing up people’s fears. And that’s what worked.”

Around 55 percent of Florida’s Cuban-American vote went to Donald Trump, according to exit polls, giving him huge gains over his 2016 performance in the county, swinging some 200,000 voters into his column. But it wasn’t just Cubans breaking for Trump — he won 30 percent of Puerto Ricans and 48 percent of “other Latinos” in the state. 

Some critics have suggested that Florida Democrats should have pivoted their efforts away from Cuban and Venezuelan Floridians, and shore up support with Puerto Ricans and black voters. 

Lopez, though, blamed the national party for not investing in a county that is overwhelmingly blue, and where the margins are key to Democratic victory statewide. “The DNC does not talk to the local parties. We are one of the largest Democratic counties in the nation. We don’t get any funding from the DNC. We don’t get any feedback from the DNC. They don’t come to us and say, ‘Hey, what is the messaging that would work in your community? Where are we weak?’ [The party] doesn’t do that, at all,” Lopez says. “We are on our own.”

Proof of the DNC’s dereliction of duty was clear in results on Tuesday night. Even as Biden struggled in Miami-Dade, Democrats managed to elect the city’s first Democratic mayor since 2000. Daniella Levine Cava will also be the first female mayor and first non-Hispanic mayor. Cava was able to pull out the win, despite Democrats’ poor performance, according to Lopez, because the local party invested early in its ground game — door knocking while the Biden campaign was still debating whether or not it would.

The local party not only began door-knocking earlier, Lopez says, “We hired our own people. We vetted them before we took them out to go door-knocking, which is a lot different from the Biden campaign that just basically came in at the last moment and subcontracted the work.”

Democrats can win in Florida, Lopez says, but not without attention and investment from the national party. But there isn’t a lot of evidence that that message is getting through. Instead, time after time, Miami-Dade is considered safe — until election night, when suddenly it’s not.  “Unfortunately, this is not the first time that we’ve seen this. The same thing happened with the Hillary campaign, and the same thing, in a way, happened with the [Andrew] Gillum campaign [for governor]. It’s like Miami-Dade County is taken as a given, and it takes a lot to motivate people. People don’t want to feel like they are taken as a given.” 

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Trump tweets 'STOP THE COUNT!' But if the vote were stopped, Joe Biden would win the presidency

  • President Donald Trump on Thursday tweeted: "STOP THE COUNT!"
  • If election officials stopped counting votes right now, it would give former Vice President Joe Biden the necessary electoral votes to defeat Trump.
  • Biden only needs 17 more electoral votes to win. He's ahead of Trump in both Arizona and Nevada, which collectively would give him the necessary votes. 
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President Donald Trump on Thursday called for election officials to stop counting votes, but as the count currently stands he would not be reelected if that happened. 

"STOP THE COUNT!" Trump tweeted. 

At the moment, Biden has 253 electoral votes and Trump has 214, per Decision Desk HQ. A candidate needs 270 to win the presidency. 

Biden is ahead of Trump in both Arizona and Nevada, which have not yet been called by Decision Desk HQ. If vote counting stopped right now and the election was called, the two states would give Biden 17 electoral votes and he would hit 270 votes overall. Though Trump is ahead in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina, three states that also remain uncalled, collectively those states would not give him enough electoral votes to defeat Biden. 

In short, it's not in Trump's interests for vote counting to cease. He would lose the election to Biden based on the current vote count.

Since polls closed on election night, the president has baselessly claimed that the election is being stolen, suggesting a conspiracy to disenfranchise Republican voters is afoot. There's no evidence of this.

The 2020 election was always expected to be messy due to an unprecedented number of mail-in votes. It's estimated roughly 65 million Americans voted by mail this year, which is largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For months prior to the election, Trump pushed the unsubstantiated assertion that mail-in voting would lead to widespread voter fraud. In truth, voter fraud is extremely rare in the US. 

Trump has also repeatedly asserted that no votes after election should be counted, but that's not how the process works. There are never full results on election night, as officials in states across the country have days or even weeks to count and certify results (laws and deadlines vary from state to state). Moreover, many states allow absentee ballots to arrive after Election Day, including from US service members overseas. 

After Trump called for vote counting to stop, he falsely tweeted: "ANY VOTE THAT CAME IN AFTER ELECTION DAY WILL NOT BE COUNTED!"

Overall, 22 states and Washington, DC, count all ballots postmarked before or by November 3.

In other words, everything that's happening at the moment is a normal part of the electoral process. 

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