Garden Art Using Accessories and Decor

A carefully placed small statue or figurine can add a touch of elegance – when placed carefully amidst a bed of cottage flowers or between some azaleas. Do avoid the old painted garden gnome route though. Nowadays, there are some excellent reproductions of art that can suit any garden. Also, if you have children, perhaps some fairies can be placed in hideaway spots…. to intrigue the kids.

This will also apply to other pieces of garden art – you may like a piece of abstract welding, bamboo chimes or decorative pots and containers.

Choosing a pot with its own beauty adds to your garden as well as do the plants it contains – though it doesn’t have to be purely utilitarian. Placing a pair of large roman style urns on small plinths are excellent ‘guardians’ to an entry way to a secret garden or either side of a path – or near a pool. The fun is deciding their best place.

Situating a comfortable seat under a shade tree not only gives you decor, but a practical place to quietly sit and read a book. Having hanging baskets of flowering plants from tree branches are all ways to add that something extra to your yard. Fuchsias look especially good, and they appreciate the shade.

Metal or wood arches are great ways to add elegance your gardens “look”. Place them across the front gate, or as a gateway to a secret garden or even at the side of the house just before entry to the back yard. Garden accessories and decor is matter of personal taste. It can be contemporary, classical or even oriental. Be subtle and don’t mix styles just for the sake of having something.

Although they aren’t for decorative reasons, garden accessories also include your compost bin, a worm farm and, last but not least, make the old garden shed down the back a feature – train clematis or another climber over it!

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