Garden Art Not Only Pleases the Eye

Every gardener loves accessorizing their garden. Whimsical or formal, sentimental or practical, garden art can complete a garden by further extending the gardener’s personality beyond plant selection. Trellises, gazing balls, wind chimes and bird baths are traditional offerings. As families landscape more of their yards, creating nooks and crannies for enjoying the outdoors, garden stepping stones have become very popular. The variety of these stepping stones is endless. A personalized stepping stone, with high-quality engraving is a unique, personal gift that will add to a garden’s ambiance for years ahead.

To create a piece of art that will be forever part of a garden, consider your recipient’s interests beyond gardening. If your intended loves to read, a quote by Dickinson or Frost is in order. If the family’s faithful feline hangs out in the garden, an engraved cat silhouette pays tribute to this “gardening assistant.” (Every chipmunk chased away, is a lily flower saved!) Golfing fanatics will smile when receiving a series of stones with “birdie,” “fore” and “Hole in One” engraved into them.

Personalized stepping stones make great gifts for non-gardeners as well. Commemorate special occasions by having a stepping stone engraved. Celebrate a new birth with the newborn’s name and date. Help new couples remember their wedding, and a proud bowler his first perfect game! Engraved stepping stones in landscape beds near a house’s front door tell stories of the family inside, each a reminder of important life events. The gift of an engraved garden stepping stone for a special occasion will be appreciated long after the event, and will give the best gift of all. Each time the recipient steps over the stone, it will conjure memories of joyous times past.

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