Garden Art Gifts

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Peek at our wide variety of beautiful hand cast leaf shaped garden bowls

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Check out our selection of wonderfully new styled bonsai bowls

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Beautiful bowls of all sorts

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Build your own cascading leaf fountain ... Large or small

Aromatherapy Gifts

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Many herbs, botanicals, potpourri ingredients, fragrance & carrier oils for aromatherapy & craft projects

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Hand rolled incense, tea & muslin bags, incense burners, oil/potpourri warmers, lamp rings and more ...

Candles, tarts and more goodies
A lovely selection of handpoured wax and soy candles & melts ... Gift sets and container candles

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A large selection of candle holders, snuffers, cappers and more

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Looking for an addition to your primitive decor? We have many beautiful primitive items, for that rustic country look. Come see!

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Monthly discounts and special savings on some great items

Body Pampering Gifts

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Wonderful long lasting herbal infused bubbles in many terrific scents.

Hand & Body Lotions
Herb & aloe enriched hand and body lotion, solid lotion bars and pure & natural shea butter moisturizer

More Goodies
Bath salts, liquid hand soap, hair and body spray, herbal bath kits and more

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Treat your best friend to some wonderful scents too

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Looking for something? Your sure to find it here. Search our site and the internet.

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If you are in the area, please do stop by one of these wonderful stores to see some of our garden items in person

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Vaginal Bleeding With Cymbalta

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